"Иногда важно уметь говорить, потому что и в молчании – нет большого смысла." ©
I watch a lot of TED talks lately as a part of my English lessons with Lingualeo.
Yesterday I watched a talk about rejection and also found an interesting book about Antifragility theory.

And today I finally digested and combined them both into following...

It isn't "no-answer" what scares me the most.
Because when you get "yes" or "no" answer you just move on as a situation gets completely clear to you, so you understand what and how you have to do next.

What is the most frightening is uncertainty when you can't get any answer.
Because when you know nothoing you CAN actually DO nothing.
Any opportunity has equal results for you and it freezes out.
In this kind of situation you cannot make a choice and it stresses out, overloads the system of making decisions and burns all resouses out.

Thus, for me it is highly needed to learn to take a risk and act in total uncertainty.
Of course there will be failures.
And another thing I must learn is how to make these failures less fatal.

Therefore such a stressfull situations could make me better, stronger, make me learn new things and will get me to a higher results.

Jump into the Unknown.

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